Demolish Your Damaged Driveway

Demolish Your Damaged Driveway

Get rid of those weakened walkways and fractured foundations

Your concrete surfaces are not in the greatest condition. Winter is coming and your cracked sidewalk will only get worse with the dropping temperatures. To top it off, poor craftsmanship has caused your driveway to become uneven. Not only are these problems an eyesore, they are hazards. You don’t want to see someone injured from the issues with your driveway or walkway.

Galindo Concrete can demolish your concrete surfaces to make room for a new project. Whether you are planning to repair a crumbling sidewalk or making room to expand your driveway, we can handle the job.

Call now to find out more about our demolition and disposal services.

Say goodbye to your shabby surfaces

The professionals at Galindo Concrete can handle all types of concrete flatwork. Our demolition services include:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Foundations
  • Disposal
  • Asphalt, dirt and concrete removal

Choose Galindo Concrete now to demolish your unwanted concrete structures.

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